January 9, 2012

Advertising and Services: The Pork Knuckle Suits Up

In 2009 I started The Flying Pork Knuckle to share some of the strange and quirky things I've experienced while living abroad. Most of these stories were written under duress or threat of punishment. My lovely wife has high expectations for me -- as she should. Since moving abroad in 2008, we've been to over 2o countries throughout Europe and Asia. Entertaining, witty and consistently sensible, here's what readers are saying about Noah Pelletier's writing: 

"Brilliant choreography, yanked my head around and around...I was heart-sick and furious." -- Mary Sojourner, NPR commentator and author

 "I was keeping track of my favorite lines ... but somewhere around the wet market I said f*** it, they're all good. Great stuff." -- Hal Amen, Editor, Matador Network

"This piece hits so hard -- and without any suggestion of a heavy hand. Awesome!" -- Jason, reader

A Word on Style

My writing style appeals to The Independent Traveler, someone searching for the ‘unique’ or ‘transformative’ experience. As a person who derives his online sense of identity through travel, I prefer "contemporary vagabond," a term like-minded travelers will identify with. A variety within, rather than outside, mass tourism, the contemporary vagabond is an informed consumer who appreciates transparency, both in what they read and advertising. In a world where 'reality' is prized yet hardly ever experienced, my readers have 'been there, done that' and, as a result, have a fine-tuned bullshit detector. 

The FPK Difference 

What separates The Flying Pork Knuckle from other blogs is that it goes beyond travel itineraries and photos, striving to capture the essence of something – the back alley graffiti, a struggling street artist, the local’s pub – one stumbles across during the journey. Rather than including photos of people and places, I’ve created illustrations to further communicate (exaggerate) my connection to the places I've been.

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